Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Identification of ovarian cyst
The disease of ovarian cyst is basically the collection of any sort of fluid that is being surrounded by a lean wall, surrounded by an ovary. Ovarian cyst can be called to any ovarian follicle that is bigger in size approximately over the two centimeters. The size of its cyst can be the size of pea as well as of an orange. The sort of disease can caused with the woman of any age and it mostly affects during to their childbearing years.

Classification of the cysts
There are the two types of it. One can be called functional and the other one is called non-functional. Basically the functional cyst doesn’t harm to the ovary but the non functional cysts can be harmful to the ovary.

  • 1. The very first type is the chocolate cyst of ovary that is caused due to endometriosis ( Endometrial Cyst ) and formed a tiny patch to the soft tissues.
  • 2. Dermoid cyst is the other type of cyst which brings out this disease in the woman.

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms

Effects of Ovarian Cyst Disease :-
The effects are mostly the same as it occurs in the case of endometriosis. It also generates the infertility in the woman as the path of soft tissues and uterus is blocked by the cysts. So, the proper treatment is very much in need in such case.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst :
There are numbers of symptoms that can help in recognizing this sort of disease and that are:-

  • 1. Sudden pain, dull aching and discomfort in the both sides of lower abdomen, lower back, thighs or in vagina are the main symptoms of this disease.
  • 2. Heaviness and the swelling can happen to the abdomen in this disease.
  • 3. Difficulty in bowel movements or great sort of pain after or before the menstruation can be happened.
  • 4. If the blood comes between the two menstrual cycle that can be the symptom.
  • 5. Increase in weight, head pain, bloating are the other main symptoms of this disease.
  • 6. If one is having vomiting or strange pain in the rib areas that can also be a sort of identification of this disease.
  • 7. Increase in the hair or the breast tenderness are the other symptoms in this sort of disease.
  • 8. Sharp pain during the intercourse or eating the lesser amount of food as comparing to the appetite can be the other symptoms of this disease.

Ovarian Cyst Diagnosis and treatment
The diagnosis can be done in two ways:

  • 1. The first method is to diagnose it by doing an ultrasound.
  • 2. Ct scan of abdomen area can also be helpful in diagnosing this disease.

Treatment of this disease is so easy in the 95% of the cases yet many people have the misconception that it can cause a cancer to them. Ovarian Cyst Treatment depends upon the symptoms and size of cysts that can be treated generally by the warm bath or by the combined methods of hormonal contraception.
So, if you are going through this kind of disease then consult to a doctor as soon as possible.

Ovarian Cyst Symptoms
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