Head Cyst

First of all we must know what is cyst ? Well it is the normal growth of the cells which is generally filled with fluid, air and semi solid materials; it may grow in different parts of the body and may go away by their own but sometimes may require surgery also. Anatomically their growth is normal, but if they appear in different part of the body then it is considered as abnormal.

Cysts on head are generally hard and present on the top or backside of the head, they are the part of the scalp only but they overgrow with benign types of cysts. They can be painful while you touch and they can be just normal cysts which are non-carcinogenic, most of the head cyst doesn’t convert in any kind of the tumor and cancer.
head cyst
Basic Idea for Head Cyst
If you don’t know about the head cyst then you can’t take any cure and precaution for that you need know some points which are enlisted below :-

  • If the dermis cysts which are on head, neck and trunk, then they are visible at birth.
  • Few cases are there in which you may require medical examination to find the head cysts.
  • Intracranial or head cyst may be discovered when some neurological problems may occur. Sinus may be the first sign for the head cysts to be determined, but they are just seen in rare cases.
  • The upper eyelid swelling may be one of the signs which may confirm that you are suffering from the head cyst problem. It generally arises from the soft tissues of lacrimal gland.
  • MRI ( Magnetic Resonance Imaging ), CT scan and Radiography may be very useful in diagnosis the head cysts.
  • MRI is now very useful in the procedures of the head cysts; it not only assists in therapeutic success.

Treatment of Head Cyst
If you are found with the problem of head cyst then you need to follow some surgical excisions that are as following :-

  • They can be removed by surgical operations and can be treated very easily.
  • Some patients require careful surgery as the cyst may contain some fatty cyst, which may be infected by bacteria. If the bacteria affect other part of the head then it may cause severe complication and foreign body reactions.
  • Head cyst are normally removed by normal surgical treatments, but if they intracranial then may cause problem but still they can be diagnosed.
  • Intracranial Hypertension are difficult to treat, for that they require sophisticated neurologist to remove the head cyst and prevent the possible complications. High-definition tracking guidelines may be required for this kind of surgery and they may be very useful for successful surgery.
  • Some patients may have cysts at forehead and brow, and then they can be successfully diagnosed by the endoscopy-assisted surgery. There are no complications in this type of surgery; there are no marks of the surgery which is very beneficial side of the surgery.


So if you face any kinds of the problems then you may consult your doctor or neurologist, for cyst free life.

Head Cyst
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