Eye Cyst

Save your eyes before eye cyst affects them
Eyes are the most precious part of the body that god has given to us, it is one of the most sensational parts of the body. Although sometime such circumstances occur that harms to eyes. Eye cyst is the one of them in the terminology of medical science it is also known as chalazion. It basically affects the upper and the lower layer of eyelids.

A cyst that is present in the eyelids can be soft or filled with liquid. Basically a normal person’s eyelid includes 30 to 40 miniscule glands which help to keep the eyes filled with the lubricant all the time but in this sort of disease cyst blocked that glands so that it fails to produce that sort of liquid and as a result it lead to swelling around area of the upper and lower eyelids.
Eye Cyst

Causes of Eye Cyst :
Some major factors help in generating the cysts in the glands that harms to eyes and the causes are as follows :-

  • Doing eye makeup of eyes is good but doing it in excess amount generates the cyst in the glands. That is why this disease is very common in the women.
  • Lack of proper nourishment to the eyes is also one of the causes of generating eye cyst.
  • Sometimes people just keep on rubbing the eyes with the dirty hands that led to cause the eye cyst.

Symptoms of Eye Cyst
Symptoms of Eye Cyst are very much important as it can help to get proper treatment at the right time otherwise it can be much harmful to the eyes and the symptoms are:

  • 1. The very first and the most important symptom is that if one gets the swelling around the area of its upper and lower eyelids and it stays for the long time then it would be better to consult an eye surgeon.
  • 2. Redness and pain in the eyelids is the other main symptom if it remains for two or three days in the eyes.
  • 3. If eyes get more sensible in the light then it normally gets then it could be the symptom of eye cyst.

Diagnosis and the treatment of Eye Cyst
There is a simple way of diagnosis of the eye cyst and is just that have a normal eye test and then only you get to know about the disease. Treatment of the eye cyst is of two types. It can be home based where there is a tea bag treatment or washing the eyes with clean water then applying the medicated soap can also do the effective work. But if the home remedies are not giving the proper results in curing cyst , then going to the doctor will be good as he will prescribe the medicine and ointments for the eyes or if it will need then he can give injection for the fast results.

So, this was the description about the disease and its treatment, so start caring of your from today only and if you see somebody with these types of symptoms then advice him to consult with a good eye surgeon immediately.

Eye Cyst
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