Endometrial Cyst

Problems in menstruation; can be an Endometrial cyst
Endometrial cyst is also called as chocolate cysts, because the endometriomas in the cyst are filled with the dark blood which reflects the color like chocolate syrup. The condition that occurs due to them is called as endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a condition where basically the connectivity of the uterine lining departs from the uterus and found in the other part parts of body such like stomach and it creates cysts. After the menstrual cycle these broken tissues bleed and simultaneously create endometrial cyst. The condition can be much painful but it can be treated by an expert OB/GYN because as time passes by the cysts can grow to the size of grapefruit. These cysts can create infertility as they cover a large area of ovary.

Symptoms of Endometrial cyst
The symptoms of endometrial cyst are not specific or in large numbers, as it is a sort of disease that can be easily recognized by a woman during to her menstrual cycle. Paining is the most and probably the one and only important identification of this sort of disease that occurs in the menstrual cycle. The pain occurs at different part of times such like it can be during the menstrual or after the menstruation or it can also be occurs during the intercourse or during the bowel movements; the pain can also be on the lower back. The pain can be unbearable and if it stays for two long or the blood comes out between the two periods then it is a symptom of endometriosis and it signifies that the proper treatment is in need.
Endometrial Cyst
Effects of endometriosis
The effects of endometriosis are not in the large numbers yet they are very serious. Many of the cases it has seen that this sort of disease can cause infertility to the woman as this situation force the internal organs to be bind together around the ovary.

Diagnosis of Endometrial cyst :
A proper diagnosis is very much important in such case. The steps to diagnose this disease are as follows:-

  • 1. By using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technique the formation of endometriosis can be found in the soft tissues.
  • 2. Doing ultrasound is the most important tool in this because it helps to test the masses of tissues that are attached to the ovaries and uterus.
  • 3. Laparoscopy is the latest and the safest technique that helps to diagnose this disease.

Availability of Endometrial Cyst Treatments:
Endometrial Cyst Medical Treatment
Drug therapy is the most common medical treatment that a doctor gives during this disease.

Natural Endometrial Cyst Treatment
Use of vitamins and herbs can help a woman in reducing the size of cysts and in avoiding the medical surgery. This natural way can be said safer and more reliable in comparison to Endometrial Cyst medical treatments as it has got no side effects which can harm to the body.
So, this was the short description and its treatment that can prevent this sort of cyst disease by recognizing it. So, if you have these kinds of symptoms go and have the consultation with the doctor or see anyone having these cyst symptoms then advice her to consult a good doctor.

Endometrial Cyst
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